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We make your spending stress-free for you to have the perfect control over your pets.

Our Services

From our free pick-up to the drop-off service, we give full observation and awareness to your dog at all times, during dog walking and play, caring for them like they are our own. Individually bonding with them is just as important to us, as it is socializing them to a pack of 4 other paws.

We keep our adventures to a maximum of 4 dogs per Dog-handler to ensure you that our eyes and ears are sharp and close to every individual dog.

  • – With our Adventures exploring a bunch of different locations, our Adventures are always full of exciting new stimulation to give your dogs their fix of new smells, scenes, and environments. As a result, it activates brain activity to help eliminate separation anxiety. This makes your paws a happier dog which ultimately improves their bond with you.
  • – We never visit the same location for two subsequent Adventures. The benefits of your dog socializing on different adventures means they will return home satisfied and ready for a nap.

Packages we offer

$50 Month
$199 year

Paws Pack

For the littles and puppies, who are ready to thrive in the social scene, who love toys & treats, exploring the unknown, curious and enjoy scouting across new dog parks and beaches. In These adventures they can learn to get their paws as muddy or sandy as they please, we leave that all up to them!

  • Adventure Duration– 2hrs (Excluding pick up, drop off)
  • – Maximum of 4 dogs per Adventure

Special Packages


Full Week Paw Adventures

  • Gives any dog the chance to socialise, exercise and familiarise with new surroundings and situations.
  • Adventure and enrichment for canine fitness.
  • Our weekly Adventures lets us do the hard work, and gives you all the tools to succeed with your canine.

Why Paw Friendly

A Peace of mind that your dogs are in the hands of experienced professionals.

  • We take on all kinds of dogs, Big or small, we love them all!
  • Rain. hail or shine, we use reward-based methods of food/ treats and various forms of affection to promote positive behaviour
  • Your Paws come home replenished, tired and most certainly ready for a nap
  • Dogs do best on a healthy routine. They love knowing it’s time to be taken for an Adventure so having our dog-handlers collect them weekly from your home gives your dog a healthy routine which greatly improves their physical and mental health